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Vestas Corporate Space 2015-11-02T18:30:51+00:00

Project Description

This is an awsome interactive installation, for corporate visitors in the Vestas building in Madrid.
This corporate installation was done by Exit Design where PingPong technologies provided the detection technology we installed there.
There is a 30 meters interactive wall where visuals are projected. Here we installed some 3D sensors to track hands in specific areas, making the surface of the wall highly interactive there.

Next to the wall we placed a set of cameras that recognize movement and triggers specific events in the wall. This is sort of reactive installation more than interactive.
There is also a projected table with interactive particle installation where we created and adjusted specific software to make this wood table a multitouch responsive surface.

Installation made by Exit with some technology provided by PingPOng Technolgy.
My tasks: development, installation, calibration of the 3D detection system of the wall and the common computer vision system for the table detection. I also developed a dynamic library in C# to feed and calibrate appropriately the Exit visualization system with the sensors we installed.

Project Details

Skills Needed: